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Are you in need of a sworn translation in German or any other language? Do you need to apply for the recognition of foreign qualifications or to submit documents to various institutions? We will translate your documents correctly. As fast as possible.
We are here at your service right now.

Sworn Translations

To translate means not just replacing words and phrases, but understanding tone, intentions and subtleties of a text.  Professional translation entails native-level language proficiency and good knowledge of terminology for each translation context to ensure that the message is conveyed properly to the target audience. Just imagine how one word can change the course of an appeal in court, a medical treatment, the interpretation of contractual clauses or the sale of a property. 

Translation is no job for amateurs, but for professional linguists who truly know their words. And indeed we do.

We provide sworn translations that are generally valid everywhere. Should notarized translations be required, we will have them authenticated by the notary public for you.

traduceri autorizate

Document translation

  • Bachelor, Baccalaureate diplomas and academic records
  • Academic Curricula
  • Vocational Qualification Certificates
  • Certificates of any kind
  • Criminal Record Certificates
  • Car Registration Documents
  • Invoices and Bank Excerpts
  • Land Register Excerpts

Specialized Translations

Specialized translations involve a certain degree of difficulty and, perhaps, a longer delivery time. We have the experience, capacity and passion to complete complex projects. We have passion for languages and we work to improve every day. During the 15 years since we do translations, we have come across texts in many areas, but we have specialized in:

Legal Translations

  • Contracts
  • Court Decrees
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Trade Register Excerpts
  • Land Register Excerpts

Economic Translations

  • Accounting Reports
  • Balance of Accounts
  • Bank Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Reports
  • Audit Reports

Technical Translations

  • User Manuals
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Technical Norms
  • Tender Requirements
  • Technical Interfaces
  • Production Instructions

Medical Translations

  • Laboratory Reports
  • Diagnosis Reports
  • Clinical Trials Documents
  • Medical Certificates
  • Patient Records
  • Drug Leaflets
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