Who we are

We are a team made of a sworn translator and a project manager and together with a small number of other experienced sworn translators we provide professional sworn and specialized translations and interpreting services.

The Translation Team

German and English Sworn Translator:
Tatiana Neamțu

Tatiana turned her childhood passion for literature and grammar and her affinity for communication in this extremely beautiful profession – translator. Language, with all its linguistic nuances and all the forms that we can employ to convey a message, is the basis of all human relationships – be they personal or business-related. Simply knowing a foreign language is not enough to be a good translator. One must have broad culture, one must know language-specific idioms and be familiar with the customs and realities related to the foreign language to be translated. With her penchant for the best terminology and strong focus on quality, Tatiana will provide state-of-the-art German and English translations at all times.

tatiana_traducator germana

Sworn translations office coordinator:
Mircea Craiovan

Without Mircea, without his extraordinary ability to manage large orders within short delivery deadlines, without his patience and diligence, things at the translation office would not run so smoothly. Mircea has been working at the office since the very beginning, in 2012, and we can say that he proofread millions of words and more than a billion numbers.  

The number of coffee cups he drank and the amount of white hairs he grew could not be estimated to precision, but Mircea is unquestionably best-suited to manage your translation projects and to make sure they are delivered on time. 

Birou de traduceri autorizate Caransebes



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